Welcome to the Physics Unraveled Homepage!

Physics Unraveled is a Physics Academy designed to help science instructors teach physics concepts.
Techniques included:

  • hands on, exploratory learning
  • the use of technology in the laboratory
  • laboratory management strategies

This wikispace is designed specifically to be used as an online resource for the participants of Physics Unraveled. Resources from the teachers of the class as well as lesson plans from the participants will be posted as they become available.

For information on the wikispaces training go to Honertech

The Chemistry Distilled Summer Session will be held on the following dates:

  • Lower Shore July 6 - 10

  • Upper Shore July 13 - 17

Requested info:

Light Box - Pasco - about $108.00 each
Ray Optics Kit - Pasco - about $60.00 each
The lights we used that clipped on the table were from Lowes. They were only about $6.00 each. You can get the tube lights at WalMart.